smartRefract is an open source seismic refraction software that implements the GRM method (Palmer 1980). The software allows you to select the first arrivals, assign the dromochrones to the layers and view the section.
The software is complete but it is to be considered a working prototype. It is compatible with SEG2, SU and some SEGY formats.


The executables for Windows and Linux are located under the bin folder. Smartrefract require at least JDK 11.
Smartrefract is released under the term of the GPL v3 License.


SmartTomo is an efficient software for seismic travel time tomography. Easily and in a very short time, it allows building an image of the underground velocity distribution. The output is the product of the iterative optimization of the starting model. Additionally, the user can define the initial model to fit the knowledge of the geology of the survey area.
SmartTomo uses an optimized implementation of the method by Moser, T. J. (” Shortest path calculation of seismic rays.” Geophysics 56.1 (1991): 59-67)) and optimizes the results through a specialized Simultaneous Iterative Reconstruction Technique. To guarantee efficiency, it exploits the computational power of modern multicore CPUs, while minimizing the required amount of memory.

Key points

  • Both manual and automatic first brake picking. Possibility to pick first breaks automatically or by hand.
  • The computation of tomographic at leasts needs the check by the user of automatics pickings. The computation of the tomographic profile can be almost completely automated. The user can supervise the computation and possibly provide specialized settings.
  • More seismic arrays can be combined to compose an unique seismic profile.
  • The initial model of velocity can be user-defined.
  • The initial model does not influence the result significantly.
  • The project size is limited only by available memory.
  • Users can set limit to the velocity range and smooth the result.
  • The result can be plotted using predefined or user-defined color palettes.
  • Both plot and data tables can be exported in different formats (PNG, PDF, ODT);
  • The tomographic profile can be exported in XZ-Velocity file compatible with Golden Software Surfer

More info

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