MASW and Remi surveys for seismic characterization of soils.

The MASW and ReMi surveys are carried out with the DoReMi seismograph with 16 channels and 16 bits of SARA Electronic Instruments using 4.5 Hz geophones. The MASW investigations are tests based on the analysis of surface waves generated by the use of an active seismic source. On the contrary, in the presence of a… Continue reading MASW and Remi surveys for seismic characterization of soils.

smartRefract – software for seismic refraction processing

smartRefract is an open source seismic refraction software that implements the GRM method (Palmer 1980). The software allows you to select the first arrivals, assign the dromochrones to the layers and draw the section. The software is complete but it is to be considered a working prototype. It is compatible with SEG2, SU and some… Continue reading smartRefract – software for seismic refraction processing

Seismic tomography

Seismic refraction tomography uses refracted seismic waves to reconstruct the underground distribution of the speed of seismic waves. This technique improves the results that can be obtained with traditional refraction seismics and prevents problems of interpretation due to reversed velocity layers or reduced thicknesses as well. Seismic refraction tomography is applicable to all those situations… Continue reading Seismic tomography


SmartTomo is an efficient software for processing seismic refraction tomography (SRT).  It includes an advanced tool to display and customize the results. The output is the product of the iterative optimization of the starting model. Additionally, the user can define the initial model to fit the knowledge of the geology of the survey area.SmartTomo uses… Continue reading smartTomo

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