Consulting services

Seismic surveys

Seismic surveys are performed for the characterization of the site through non-invasive and rapid tests. Depending on the need, refraction techniques (GRM and tomographic) can be used with P and SH, MASW (1D and 2D), ReMi and HVSR waves. We offer the service of interpretation of the data acquired by the customer with different techniques.

Numeric modelling

Using numerical simulation, digital models of hydrogeological phenomena with an impact on human activities are built.

Numeric model of salt intrusion done exploiting SEAWAT software



smartRefract is an open source seismic refraction software that implements the GRM method (Palmer 1980)


smartTomo is a software for seismic refractive tomography (travel time tomography) that allows you to quickly obtain an image of the distribution of the speed of seismic waves in the ground. The final speed model is produced by the iterative optimization of an initial model that can be defined by the user based on their knowledge of the measurement site. SmartTomo is based on the work of Moser, T. J. “Shortest path calculation of seismic rays. Geophysics 56.1 (1991): 59-67 and uses Simultaneous Iterative Reconstruction Technique to optimize the result.


Research activities are carried out thanks to a research fellowship at CNR-IMATI on the topics of topographic and environmental big data treatment and adaptive optimization of environmental monitoring.
Over the years it has been involved in several projects founded by European: Alcotra-ADVITAM, Marittime-MATRAC-ACP, FP7-IQmulus and Marittime-RESMAR.